Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer lovin', lovin' summer!

I wrote this some time ago; it's in reference to Wednesday nearly two weeks ago!

If there's anything that should prove that Seasonal Affective Disorder does exist (in the negative sense), it's how true it is that good weather makes life so much better!  Wednesday was a scorcher, with temps hitting 30 (86F), and I thought to myself that I got so lucky with the timing of my day off.

We headed off in the morning to the water and sand area at Brockwell Park, and although it was pretty crowded, the boys still got to do exactly what they wanted to.   Blake reminded me a bit of the wimpy kid from the Charles Atlas ads, all pale-skinned and ribs showing, but after a slow start, he eventually warmed to running into the fountains and splashing in the water.  Noah was more interested in playing with some bark in a flower bed - can't see him lining up to be an Olympic swimmer or professional scuba diver at this rate.

Blake started whining that he was hungry so we headed over to the Lido Cafe.  One of the last times I had been here had been back in the winter, and the scenes could not have been more different - when I was last there it happened to start snowing, and being in the warm, steamy cafe felt so cozy and nice.  Today, the doors were spread open to the noise of the jam-packed outdoor swimming pool, which was radiant turquoise and full of people of all ages.  There was a line about 50 deep to get in, so I was glad there was no discussion to be had about whether we could go (me trying to manage Blake and Noah in a pool on my own...can't even bear to consider it!).  Noah had a timely snooze while we waited for our food, but woke up just in time to mooch off Blake's pasta.  Blake and I had each ordered milkshakes (I was feeling decadent - the sun was shining!), and well, I'll admit that they each then had a juice ice pop afterwards (it's just frozen juice, right?!).  One thing to be said for Noah is that he is certainly persistent in his ice-cream eating efforts - he almost always always finishes a pop or an ice cream cone right down to the last bite.  Blake often gets bored and gives me his when he's only had about half, but Noah just kept going with this enormous fruit pop until it was all gone. 

Back at home, we did a few things in the garden and then headed over to Sainsbury's to get some groceries.  Matt got home at a pretty decent hour and we had dinner al fresco - I have been really happy that I finally acquired that garden furniture!

All in all, a really good day, though with that feeling in the evening of just wanting to collapse.  There were some moments of non-compliance from Blake, but I decided to not get heated up about them and basically just out-waited him until he got bored and did whatever it was he should have been doing (example: when we went to the car this morning, he jumped from his seat in the back to the driver's seat, and refused to get in his seat.  I just sat on the wall outside our house and told him that we couldn't go until he was strapped in.  I probably had to wait 5 minutes, but finally he hopped in the back and we were able to go.  The thought did cross my mind that I would be going ape-sh*t if we actually had to be anywhere, at a certain time.  But fortunately, we didn't, so my tactic worked.)

One of the things I've got to figure out immediately is how I can keep better track of some of the funny things Blake is saying.  They seem so unforgettable at the time but then a few hours later all memories have escaped me.  On the way to nursery yesterday he said to me, "Mom, you look like a baby".  I thought to myself, "What in the world could that mean?" and he went on to elaborate that my legs looked very small like a baby's (I was, admittedly, wearing a skirt that was probably not the ideal length, hitting just above the calf).  Kind of observant of him, in a preview to the "I can't believe you're wearing that.  I don't want to be seen with you" years.

On Thursday the weather turned and it rained - hard and cold - for much of the day.  One of the things I've been more observant of, this year, is that even after some really rotten daytime weather, there have been some beautiful evening skies - as if the world is sort of saying, "Yeah, sorry that was bad, I know, but look, here's a hint that tomorrow could be a beautiful day!"  At least, I like thinking about it that way.

Blake finally takes on the water...

Stand-off at the dam; brothers unite.
Noah enjoys this....sort of...
He likes sleeping better...while Blake lines up sugar packets...
Ideally I would photoshop out the ketchup on Noah's face...oh well, it captures the moment!

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