Tuesday, August 02, 2011

July events and happenings!

July is, of course, one of my favorite months.  I guess it's the idea of its being mid-summer, and then having my birthday, but this July was extra special for a few reasons.  On the 10th, Cindy and John welcomed a daughter, Annabelle, into the world - she looks gorgeous from the photo I've seen and we hope all is going well!

My dear Dartmouth friend Katie celebrated our milestone birthday on the 11th and then Di followed a few weeks later - I meant to do shout-outs on the days, girls, but I just didn't get the time!  I hope you had great birthdays!

On Tuesday I celebrated "halfway to 70", although the highlight of the day was hearing that Katie and Tom welcomed Rosemary Bridget, a little sister for Clara, on my birthday!  I am not sure I know of anyone else born on my 7/26, apart from Mick Jagger, so I was super excited to hear that I get to share this special date with her.  I only realized it yesterday, but Matt and I failed to remember that it was 9 years ago that we met...what a different world that was from the one we're in now!  For my actual birthday, I just went into work and we had a fairly normal evening, but Elizabeth came to visit on Wednesday and brought me some little cupcakes, so at least I got to eat some cake.  My waistline needed cake like I need a hole in my head, but they were tasty! I am taking tomorrow off to be a lady of leisure and am telling myself that that will be my birthday treat to myself.  Blake was very sweet and kept saying he wanted to make me a card, although I'm not sure he ever got around to it.

And so, tomorrow is the first day of August and July will soon be a memory.  Til the next one rolls around at least....

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