Sunday, August 07, 2011

General miscellany

Now that I've made it through the timeline of what we've been doing, I feel I should add a bit more detail to what's been going on when there hasn't been anything going on, if you see what I mean.

For one, Noah and Blake are hard to manage when they're in the same place and there is only one adult present!  They just go at each other constantly: Noah messing up whatever project Blake is working on, Blake freaking out and seeking retribution.  Often I walk into a room to find Noah's fist (or teeth) latched on to some body part of Blake and Noah being dragged around the room as Blake attempts to free himself from this grip.  Noah then starts wailing if his grip/bite is forcibly removed (by me, the United Nations peacekeeper), and he will then likely do something like arch his back to express his unhappiness and then conk his head on the floor, creating more wailing.  Blake, meanwhile, will be licking his wounds with a "cold hot chocolate"-coated tongue as he attempts to break the record for consecutive episodes of Charlie and Lola watched in one sitting.  It's all very tiring!

Noah's very funny these days, and is ever so slowly getting that little bit more verbal.  His first word, I think I mentioned, was "Uh-oh," and he still says that one quite a bit.  He also says, "Hiya", "apple", "shoes" and "juice", but "Dada" is one of his favorites.  On Tuesday, my birthday, his present to me was saying "Mama" for one of the first times, but then I couldn't get him to say it again for the camera!  I think he now recognises and is starting to state his wish to have a "baba" - "bottle" and has also said "cars" - we think - once, but that's about his current range.  At least now I know not to worry - he'll be telling me how stupid I am before I know it, so for now it's nice that his vocabulary is kind of limited! 

He finally has had some more teeth arrive on the scene - the next-to-the-end molars on each side popped through on the 26th, his birthday present to me perhaps?  I think the bottom side two are on their way.  To say he is lively is a bit of an understatement - someone at church today said to me (I think in a kind of complimentary way, although I'm not sure!) that he appeared to be "full of beans" and I think that was a fair observation.  The other day I watched him try to wrestle something out of Blake's hands - Blake wasn't letting go and Noah then just decided that the best way to get Blake to release the object would be to bite his hands.  I probably don't have to tell you that it worked; Blake let go so quickly and Noah got what he was after.  Dive-bombing chompers coming at you, I'd  let go too!

The boys' sleep has a pattern, which not ideal, is at least somewhat predictable.  Noah is usually in bed by 7:30/7:45, and seems to either wake up around 4:15 (Bad Parenting Revelation #1: a bottle will usually put him back to sleep til a decent hour) or can sometimes go through til around 6:15.  Blake goes to bed by about 8:30, unless (Bad Parenting Revelation #2) he falls asleep on the couch as we're trying to get Noah to sleep, and then we just usually carry him to his bed if he doesn't wake up when we try to rouse him for a bath and teeth-brushing.  That said, it's about 10:30pm and Noah just woke up crying; I think it's teeth pain, so I gave him some Calpol (and a bottle with water in it, see Bad Parenting Revelation #1 above). 

We went to West Norwood Feast today, although we missed the face painting and Blake threw me a curveball in the form of wanting a cupcake instead of an ice cream (this could be a problem, if he's had enough of ice cream...what in the world will I give them in the afternoon after I pick them up from nursery?!).  He only took a few bites before deciding that he actually wanted his dinner, so I bought him a chorizo wrap which I hoped to share with him.  Silly took him about an hour, but he ate the whole thing!

As we were about to leave, it started pouring, so we all got soaked, but about 5 minutes later the sun was out and we came home and pulled up weeds in our front garden.  Family fun fest - I know! 

I have discovered the tv series Modern Family, based on recommendations from the May weekend with the girls.  I got the first season on dvd and we watched two episodes last night  - I laughed so hard I cried!  I am looking forward to more.

That's about it from me for now.  Hope you have a good start to the week.

Cupcake replaces ubiquitous summer ice cream...

He got his hands on some of the cupcake...

This just makes me laugh, B in the background and N scuttling off in search of trouble...

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