Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The challenge of time

I've spent the last couple of evenings lining up some posts to get ready to send into the blogosphere, although I wasn't quite ready to post them because of not having the accompanying photos downloaded on to the computer from the various cameras that I have.  After all, a picture not only speaks 1000 words, but is also primarily the reason that Grannies come here to see what their grandchildren look like since I am pretty horrible about actually having pictures printed out, let alone mailed.
The past 10 minutes pretty much sum up the state of my life, which could be described as "full", "chaotic", and "exhausting".  I'll take you through it...
I got a post all lined up to add some photos to, but first I needed to find my camera.  It was in my purse from where I'd taken it out yesterday and, as a pleasant surprise, its battery wasn't dead!  Good start.  I next went to download the photos, only to first discover that I haven't actually done this since May, and second to be informed by my computer that there is no more room on our hard drive.  Fun and games, fun and games.  In the meantime I decided I was hungry so I went to the kitchen to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  There were two minor problems with that plan, the first being that there were only the vague remnants of peanut butter in the jar, and the second being that I couldn't find a clean knife to scrape said remnants out of the jar.  Logic would predict that I would stop what I was doing on the computer and take a break to do the dishes, but I don't know if I've ever claimed to embrace that sort of logic.

Lo and behold I'm back at the computer writing a completely different post, but one that at least feels timely, something I haven't been very good at lately!  I've managed to trick my computer into finding some space for a few photos, and then I'll be wrapping up my posts for the night.  Will I be going to do the dishes?  Nah, I'm tired, and we're out of peanut butter anyway so at least I won't need a knife for that. 

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