Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back in blog

I know that in the grand scheme of the blogging world, I have a long way to go.  I'm still on my original template from back in 2005, and things in the world of blog design have come on quite a way since then!  I don't have a counter on my blog to let me know how many people are viewing this, nor do I have sponsors or ads, or a Twitter feed.  One day, I might have these things, but for now, it's just the basic DwL that hopefully you know and love. 
Despite my being somewhat stuck in terms of blog technology, I do know one rule of blogging that I've broken recently, and that is that you need to post often!  The hard part about an-over-two-week hiatus is that when I come back to write, I struggle with where to start...Given that my posts are just about the sometimes funny, nearly always exhausting events of our fairly mundane life, is it worth trying to remember what went on two weeks ago and try to write about it?!  I think with the way my brain works, the answer might be, "Yes!", as I can't figure out where else I would start, and it is pretty much just my journal.

So here we go - what you've been missing while I haven't been writing...

After Blake's horrible tantrum (the post that's been popping up front and center every time you've been coming back here!), we had a relatively calmer couple of days.  Brockwell Park was the scene of an event called the Lambeth Country Show, and there were games, rides, stalls, booths, food vendors, and music, along with some farm animals.  The weather that weekened was a bit volatile, so when we headed off at around 2:00 pm on the Saturday I had on wellies, thinking that the grass was likely to be a muddy mess after some heavy morning showers.  Turns out when we got there that the sun changed his mind and did want to come out, and we enjoyed some really nice sunshine (my feet were baking in my rubber boots!).  Blake went on a little car ride before getting a nice long stint on a huge inflatable slide; I was actually amazed at how fearless he was going up the stairs of this thing - it was enormous!  He then also sought out a face painting stall with almost frightening radar-like tendencies...having his face painted has definitely become his "thing"!  On this day he chose to have a serene rainbow and star painted on his forehead by a nice guy named Steve at the Lambeth Fairtrade Campaign tent.  It made a contrast from the recent Spiderman, and what he chose at the Elm Wood School fete the week before:  "a naughty robot" that looked a lot like Charlie Chaplin.  I don't think the lady had ever had that request before, and who even knows what would make a robot "naughty"!?

On Sunday Blake and I headed out to Ikea to hunt for some garden furniture - 18 months in the house, and I finally decided to take full advantage of having some outdoor space by buying something to sit at and eat on!  Somehow anytime I go to Ikea, no matter how little or much I'm intending to buy, it always takes me about 2 hours to get through the place.  Blake was a pretty good sport though, which was a welcome change.  And then it was Monday again, and the whole thing (our week, that is), started again!  Surprisingly, with all the rain and the sun, the only rainbow I saw all weekend was on Blake's forehead.  But fortunately, we didn't have any major storm clouds from him!

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