Tuesday, July 05, 2011

West Norwood Feast

Yesterday we ventured out to Norwood High Road to attend a new creation, West Norwood Feast, which calls itself a "people-powered market". The Feast occurs on the first Sunday of every month and yesterday happened to be the first time that we were here the first Sunday of the month, and that, crucially, I remembered it was happening.
Matt had gone into town to meet with Alan on the plans for the extension, and Bishy was visiting for the weekend so she and I headed out with the boys. In the post-Phil-and-Ted world of our journeys, Blake was on his scooter and Noah was in the Maclaren. We started at the Artisans' Corner, a collection of what I'll call "pretty things on which I have no money to spend": hand-kitted owls and vintage-fabric-covered pillows, prints for Adored Child's room, lovely-smelling herbal soaps and lotions, etc etc. I didn't part with any money here. Blake then wanted to get an ice cream and while I was trying to deflect that request toward a Cars-themed ice lolly back at the house, he spied a tiger in the crowd. No, not a real tiger - a kid with his face painted like a tiger! Blake was then on a mission, and the ice cream was in fact forgotten in lieu of the coveted face painting. We had already trudged nearly all the way up the High Road toward St Lukes, but now found ourselves re-tracing our steps to finally arrive at a little tent where two women were wielding paint brushes and hovering over pictures of children in various guises of butterflies, pirates, ghosts, and action heroes, including SpiderMan which was Blake's selection. I happened to be chatting with the mother of a girl Blake is at pre-school with, and about 2 seconds after he had sat down I looked over to see his entire face covered in bright red! I mean BRIGHT RED
After he got his face painted, we hung around the children's play area for a little while, and I was chatting to a man from church about the merits of the Feast.  I couldn't agree more with his comment, which was "If it helps increase house prices around here, I'm all for it!"  We then stopped for some of the best ice cream I've ever had - it was Movenpick from the cafe Kahvah and man, was it good!  Blake had chocolate, Bishy had double cream and meringue, and Noah had panna cotta (chosen for its lack of chocolate staining properties).   Poor B came home and crashed on the couch he was so tired.  When it came time for Bishy to head off, Blake was very sad and burst into tears.  They had had such a good time making out shopping lists and building an 80-block rocket out of Legos.  B is getting really good at his letters and we are loving the road signs around - he definitely knows that R, O, A, D spells road.   I'm sure it will be no time before he works out that F, E, A, S, T spells face painting and ice cream. 

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