Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Independence Day

I didn't really plan it this way, but I enjoyed a day off today for the 4th of July, while most of my compatriots across the pond were doing the same.  Noah had conjunctivitis over the weekend and his sticky eyes were pretty bad. He woke up a lot in the night last night, so I had to take him to the doctor today, and I knew he wasn't really up for nursery either.  Once we got his eye drops, we didn't really do much else during the day, apart from go to the Streatham Library since West Norwood's has been out of commission since a recent rainstorm made it unsafe (people stole the copper roof from the library, and it therefore leaks in the rain....how sad is that?!). 
I was feeling inspired enough to dress the boys in red, white and blue, although Blake wouldn't cooperate with a nice-looking polo shirt and instead insisted on a red shirt with the words "tough" emblazoned above a bulldog.  I'm so pleased that he has a whole collection of about a dozen of these shirts that Granny Karla has lovingly bought for him, and which he never selects for himself to wear.  Oh well.
He had said this morning that he wanted to feed the ducks at Dulwich Park, so I picked him up early and we went down and fed, if not the ducks, then at least the pigeons.  The kid has a kind of infrared ice cream detector so before we'd even parked the car he said he had seen the ice cream van.  The boys are averaging about 6 ice creams a week at the moment; I'm not sure when or if that becomes a problem...fortunately summer doesn't last as long as we wish it did!
Ducks fed, ice cream consumed (I know now that Blake never seems to eat a whole cone, so I don't order one for myself and then get Blake's when he abandons it), it was off to the playground, where all was going well until Blake wet himself and we had to head home.  We had a Skype call with Granny Karla and Grandpa John, and then I served a 4th of July banquet of hot dogs, blueberries and strawberries.

Slightly comedy shot of Blake trying to eat that hot dog...

And now it's coming up to midnight and I've just been distracted by the movie Knocked Up on tv.   I remember seeing it the week I gave birth to Blake; it was so funny then, but I was a more carefree viewer this time around and found it hilarious.  Happy Independence Day!

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