Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I'm with Grumpy

I'm pondering a question this morning, which is, how can both sides of the bed be the "wrong" ones?  Noah woke up around 6:00 something and I took him out of the left side of his cot (based on where his head normally is), and sometime shortly thereafter a forlorn and pitiful-looking Blake crept into our room, having exited his bed from the right side.  From about 17.5 seconds after each of them woke up, they have acted as if they have drawn the shortest straw in life's stakes, that their road to hoe is the hardest of them all, that woe is them, etc, etc.  In short, they have both been super grumpy.  By 8:30 it felt as if the walls of the house were closing in on us, so we headed off to the park.  Blake, in particular, was acting pretty pathetic, so I wonder if he's coming down with something.  He threw about 3 fits related to Cheerios and raisins, not wanting to scoot/ride on my back/walk, and the direction he was facing on the swings.  I ended up having to carry Noah back from the park and have Blake ride in the stroller so that we could actually make forward progress.  Like missing an old lover, I thought with wistful longing of the fun that Phil and Ted and I once had and how they just seemed to make life so much easier.  A friend has offered us her side-by-side Maclaren which I think I'm going to take her up on; I don't think I could handle another trip to the park like the one from this morning. 

We came home, I got Lil' Grump to sleep, put Sesame Street on for Big Grump, ate two Twix biscuit fingers and a chocolate digestive in a 2-minute period, and I feel a little better now.  I donated to the Save the Children East Africa Appeal, and of course there is nothing like a humanitarian crisis like the one those poor people are in to help put everything in perspective.  I feel confident Noah is going to wake up in a better mood, and I'm going to shut off the computer and go sit with Blake and see if I can persuade him that life is not so bad.  It's all very quiet in the living room, so I wonder if in fact he hasn't fallen asleep on the couch.  And as we know, there's no saying about waking up on the wrong side of the couch!  Things are looking up...

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