Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting into the local political scene

Of all the things I am in life, one thing I would never categorize myself as being is "politically-minded".  I have often just viewed politicians as egotistical, self-absorbed, power-hungry people who are out to make their point and make their opposition look bad/stupid/ignorant/wrong.  And those are the people I would vote for - I don't even know how to describe the ones I wouldn't!  Joking aside, I've just always seen politics is a battleground, and I don't really like confrontation.

What I do think I am is a caring person, and fair, and concerned about people having access to certain privileges and rights that come with paying taxes and being members of a modern society, which is why I'm having a revelation tonight about whether I need to be more concerned about politics.  I went to a meeting tonight at a nearby primary school, a lovely school which would, in theory, be the school that Blake would go to in September 2012 when he starts his official educational life.  I say "in theory" because the meeting I went to tonight was organized by concerned parents who already have children at the school.  They're worried because currently for entry in 2012, there would not be enough places at the school for siblings of existing students, a priority group for entry.  So Blake basically doesn't have a hope in hell of getting a place there; we live about half a mile away and it seems there will be families who live nearly on the doorstep of the school who wouldn't get in at the current rate.  It's not promising.

I came home, wrote a letter to our local councillor showing my support, and then started to think about politics.  I am also really upset at the fact that our local library has closed indefinitely, because of a leaking roof which I may have mentioned in a previous post.  I feel extremely sad for all those people who need access to a library more than I do - the elderly, who can incorporate a visit to the library as part of their day's routine, and doesn't require them to go somewhere like a cafe or restaurant to spend money; people who don't have their own computers and need access to the Internet or to be able to type and print documents; and parents and their children for whom the library can represent a world of excitement and learning and a place where they can see how wonderful books - and free access to them - are.  All communities in the modern world should have - in my opinion - a library....and now ours is shut because the local government didn't plan properly for the roof's replacement.  Sigh.

Of course as with almost everything it seems, it comes down to money.  There likely isn't money for a new roof, or if there is, it will need to be directed to something more important, like schools.  And there you have it...maybe it's not late for me to get involved with politics.  I may just have to, if I want my kids to be able to take out library books, and know how to read them. 

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