Sunday, June 26, 2011

The sun has got his hat on

There are a number of songs that I had never heard before I came to the UK, such as "The Grand Old Duke of York", "Miss Polly Had a Dolly", possibly even "Jerusalem". Another one which was on my mind today was this classic: "The Sun Has Got His Hat On."

I've just discovered that whether I had knew this song or not should really have nothing to do with living in the UK, in that it came from Me and My Girl. I guess it just goes to show that even as someone who claims to love musicals, my knowledge is limited!

At any rate, I do have a soft spot for this song, because back in the days when I had a life outside my work and family, I took an amateur singing class in the evenings and one term we did songs from Me and My Girl. We sang "The Lambeth Walk" as an emsemble, along with "The Sun Has Got His Hat On" (the phrase "has got" instead of just the American "has" indicating possession still never sits quite right with me...I always pause in bewilderment when I hear that roll off Blake's tongue like he's some little English boy...oh wait...). In the singing class I somehow got signed up to be one fourth of a quartet, a part which seemed to require me to be tone deaf to ignore the low and the high parts going on around me. I was the alto in the harmony, but I kept getting sucked into singing the higher part, and perhaps the whole thing would have been better if I had actually been tone deaf.

Today, down in Horsham, we were all saying hip hip hip hooray, because the sun was OUT! Like, for the first time in about a month. We were at Terri and Duncan's for Miss DB's half birthday party (her birthday being Boxing Day, December 26th), and it was so nice to be outside in the sun. On days like this, it's hard being the mother of two of the world's palest children. I usually spend about 20 minutes slathering them in SPF 50, fretting for an hour following that I missed a patch or two and visualizing the cherry red sunburn that I can see starting to form under the surface (among delusions of seeing eggs frying on the tops of their feet and things like that) and wondering if I should just go apply some more, and then finally spending another 20 minutes or so convincing them of the need for Mommy to do one more reapplication of the sun cream. Then they look even more ghost white, fall and get sand and dirt stuck in the cream, and are ready to go inside a few moments after I've applied the last squirt of cream and am ready to sit down with a cold drink.

We had a lovely day, though, and it was really uplifting to have the sun shining. June has been pretty bleak and very un-summerlike, and it's amazing what an effect that can have on one's mood. The boys had a crazy fun time running around in T and D's massive garden and we got out the little paddling pool, though Noah didn't really want anything to do with it and Blake didn't even pay it any attention; that's how grown up he acts when around babies! The day concluded with a fantastic baked bean eating competition, won by the eldest Lyons (child) - congrats, Blake, you can eat beans really fast! You made us proud. Next time competition may be stiffer as Chris was overheard saying he had wanted to be included.

It will be interesting to see what weather July has in store. Anyone here in the UK who followed my amateur singing shenanigans will no doubt forever associate the (actually rather racy) "June is busting out all over!" with me and the term we did hits by Rodgers and Hammerstein. It will soon be goodbye to June, but let's hope the sun keeps his hat on. Or at least puts on some sunscreen.

Here are some pics from the weekend, including an al fresco dining experience in the garden last night. Spaghetti bolognese alla Mama Lyons (with help from a secret ingredient courtesy of a family recipe). Noah really enjoyed his as you'll see from his face!

June weekend

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Anonymous said...

Meg, I keep dipping in and out of your blog and it never fails to make me smile! Sincerest apologies for disappearing off the radar. No excuses! Just happy you're all well and in fine fettle.
Love and best wishes,
Sarah Devine