Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is it Monday yet?!

It's very rare, but occasionally I have one of those weekends where I honestly will be glad when it's over and I can go back to work! This was one of them. I'm not sure what it was, exactly, but it just was not much fun. A key factor may be the weather, which is giving no sign of resembling anything like summer, despite the fact that we'll hit the longest day of the year on Tuesday. For much of the past week it's been rain, rain, and more rain. Great for the garden, but not for the spirits!

Friday night I stayed up baking a cake for an NCT Nearly New Sale that I was volunteering at on Saturday morning, but I didn't procrastinate in making it so was in bed at a decent hour, I think. Saturday I headed over to the sale to help out, while Matt entertained the boys. Noah wasn't really feeling well and had a horrible night last night, so I was up and down multiple times in the night - think it's just a summer cold thing but pretty unpleasant.

This morning I had Blake all excited to help me make Matt a special Father's Day breakfast, soft-boiled eggs and toast strips, and I got perhaps a little over-ambitious and decided to make banana-walnut pancakes too. I don't know why I keep trying with pancakes; basically mine are always flat, undercooked or burnt, and never live up to anything like how I want them to taste. These were no different. Worse yet, even though I was under specific orders on how long to cook the eggs for, they came out nearly hard-boiled. Not a very good start!

We decided to try to head out of the house to do something fun, which is when Matt discovered that after loading the boys into the car yesterday after going to the park, he had forgotten to put the buggy in the car. We drove over to have a look to see if some minor miracle meant that it had stayed by the side of a pretty busy road over 24 hours later, but we were not in luck. He went back later and put up a sign saying "Lost Buggy", but I fear we have said goodbye to our good friends Phil and Ted. I tried to remain positive about the loss - keeping in mind it was only an object, a replaceable item, something that the boys would have grown out of eventually - but it was kind of hard given that the cost of the P&T means that we will likely not be replacing it (I think after our house, car, bed, sofa and wedding rings, that buggy was my most valuable possession - not considering of course, our priceless children!). I'm going to tell myself again, it's just an object, although the whole thing kind of put a damper on the day. The thing that's perhaps the most ironic? That it got lost while I was volunteering at an event for parents to sell on their baby wares and clothes that they no longer need...argh!

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day, and I hope that Phil and Ted are enjoying the first day of their missionary trip to some other family. I hope Noah's better tomorrow, and as for Blake, he's been a pretty good boy this weekend. He is really obsessed with the movie Cars, which I have now finally watched in its entirety, if not all at once in one sitting. I really love it and can't help welling up at the James Taylor "Our Town" song and at the end when Doc Hudson comes on the radio to surprise Lightning at the Piston Cup. Yesterday Blake asked me why I was crying ("Because I'm so proud of Lightning" was what I came up with) and today he came over and said, "What's that?" while pointing at the streak of a tear down my cheek. We've had a good time reading Babar's World Tour at night; he laughs and says, "That's not French!" when I describe what Babar and his family are doing in Italy.

Night night for now. Hope you have a great start to the week!

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