Thursday, June 23, 2011

The art of storytelling

I learned tonight - the hard way, of course - that I am a very good storyteller. How do you know that? I hear you asking! Blake's story of choice tonight was different to the normal selection of a royal pachiderm going on lavish adventures with his entire, enormous family (I'm talking about Babar Comes to America - somewhat antiquated 1950's story where the female elephants aren't allowed on cable cars in San Francisco; Babar Comes to the USA - updated version where the elephants email and the children imitate adults talking on their cell phones; and Babar's World Tour - where the children learn to say hello in many languages, in the course of a trip that most working adults could only dream of doing a mere part of. Of course eventually the kids get bored of all the Parisian fashion shows, hiking the Inca Trail, and snorkeling in Thailand and want to go home to play ping pong in Celesteville).

Anyway, tonight Blake decided that he wanted to read a Charlie and Lola story. I'm sure this choice had nothing to do with the fact that Matt had tonight presented Blake with a box set of Charlie and Lola dvd's - 80 episodes so that we may never have to watch the same one twice (although Blake will decide he only likes one in particular and will insist on watching that one again and again and again). The book he chose was entitled Boo! Made You Jump, and although I'd read this one before to him, I must have been super-effective tonight. We got to a point where Charlie and his friend Marv were leading Lola and Lotta up a creaky staircase. Marv shouts out, "A ghost!" which I read in a very dramatic voice, and unfortunately Blake was really really not expecting this - his bottom moved literally a few inches off his bed and his cup of milk went flying, resulting in milk all over his pillow and sheets. He then burst into tears and took a long time to console, bless him! I couldn't help laughing amidst trying to shush him - the look on his face was just classic.

Fortunately, he knew just what would calm him down, so after swapping the duvet around and getting Matt's pillow for the night, it was back to Babar and his world tour. Nothing scary there, apart from imagining what it would cost to take a family of 6 to every continent on the globe for an adventure holiday unlike no other.

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