Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I thought weekends were for resting?!

Our weekend was pretty full, fortunately full of plenty of fun things, but I'm feeling in retrospect a little bloated from all the activity!
On Friday night I'm pretty sure I fell asleep sitting up on the couch; I worked Monday-Thursday last week and had Friday off instead of my usual Wednesday, and the consequence was that I was really exhausted at the end of four days in a row! I know that sounds kind of pitiful but I guess it's just not what I'm used to...

On Saturday I went and paid custom to our newest local shop, Polished (a nail salon and wax rooms). It has gone in next to the estate agent and the convenience store, and is a lovely little touch of class to the area. I had my eyebrows waxed and felt a million times happier once they were tidied up...it had been overdue. I raced back to help Blake wrap up the creation of a mask for a concert we were going to - the Southwark Concert Band was doing a children's concert at our church, and the reason I was interested in this was because that one of my favorite actresses, Brenda Blethyn, was going to be doing a guest story-reading appearance. The theme for the concert was Carnival (fancy dress) so I helped Blake make a mask which I was proud of, and that he loved: he hardly took it off for the rest of the day! The concert was sweet - many of the band members were dressed up in costumes, and at one point they let the kids play some percussion instruments. Brenda Blethyn read the story of Peter and the Wolf, interspersed with dramatic musical interludes, and it was a nice hour or so. It was fun to introduce Blake to the idea of a concert, even though at the beginning he was a bit scared at how loud the music was.

From there we headed off to look at some possible doors for our renovation work - that renovation work which is still proving a little slow to get off the ground, and then once back in London we were off again to meet my Uncle Bill and Aunt Sue who were visiting London at the start of a 2-week European tour. We had dinner at a pub and the boys enjoyed being out on a Saturday evening, and it was nice to catch up with Bill and Sue whom we had not seen since Christmas 2008. I fell asleep - again! - on the couch, this time during the Eurovision song contest. Apparently Azerbaijan won, although I still can't understand why most of the acts are just sooo bad.

Today was church and then a few errands to the recycling center and the charity shop, before we went down to the fair at Dulwich Park. This excursion was a bit of a redemption song for me, since I had suspected there would be rides for the kids, which proved true. Why redemption? Well, if you remember this post from about this time last year, I was hoping that we could allow Blake to have a ride on the fire engine in the little ride-on cars, the withholding of which last year led to so many tears as we traipsed across the park and subsequent guilt and regret on my part that we just didn't let him have another ride.

He got his ride on the fire engine, along with a ride on the carousel, and then his favorite: a couple fast trips down the bouncy slide. A trip to the playground and then an orange ice lolly - what more could a boy ask for?! Apparently, something went a bit awry in the ice-cream-eating, and it was either too cold or melting too quickly and he left the park sulking somewhat. Oh well, my conscience was cleared! Blake is quite good at sulking these days, so we're hoping it is just a passing phase. I'm sure, like last year's unclaimed ride on the fire engine, whatever he was upset about will soon be a distant memory. Like, now, as I wrap this up on Tuesday, does our weekend feel!

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