Monday, April 25, 2011

Alle-you-la, alle-you-la!

We had a really wonderful Easter weekend, made even better by the amazing weather that lasted from Thursday through today - the sunshine truly felt like a big hug from above.
Friday we just took it easy, and I can hardly remember what we did exactly but it was a very Good Friday indeed.

On Saturday we went to Tom and Lykke's where they staged a chocolate hunt for Emma and Blake - they found them all in the end...a neighbor said to me yesterday that the only thing the warm weather wasn't good for was chocolate eggs! We also finally got to give Noah his homemade cake that I'd been planning for ages - he loves "The Wheels on the Bus" so I decided to make him a red double decker bus cake. His face when we were singing to him was so funny - at first I thought he was going to burst into tears but then he smiled and seemed amused at the attention. Bless him. If you'd like to know the answer to how much red food coloring I had to get the bus that color, the answer is that the inside of my mouth didn't really feel quite right after I'd had a few bites of cake (or, in other words, a lot - over 3/4's of a bottle! Ugh. I don't really think anything you eat should be that color apart from tomatoes, strawberries, and apples).

The boys and I went to church on Sunday, where I discovered that Noah, as opposed to Blake, is now the one requiring my constant attention. If I had to rank the aspects about church that I enjoy, singing the hymns is probably near the top, and Easter hymns are some of the best. Yesterday, we were late so we entered as the first one had already started, I went down to Junior Church with Blake and Noah so missed at least one or two of the main hymns, and just as I got to sing a line or two of the offertory hymn, I looked up to see Noah doing his Spanish dancer walk toward the front of the church. I use that term "Spanish dancer walk" because when he walks now (as he does a lot...I'm amazed at how quickly they go from the 2 or 3 steps to just full-on walking!) he is slightly turned at an angle though moving forward, and with his arms held high and in front of him, he just reminds me of some sort of cha cha or tango dancer. He also had black pencil all over his mouth from eating a colored pencil, so he was quite a sight to behold. They also held a small egg hunt afterwards but I was caught a bit offguard and didn't know it was happening until all the eggs had been found. And Blake hadn't been one of the finders, so that was creating a bit of a pitiful situation until a kind man offered me one of his kids' eggs, which I promptly planted by a bush before exclaiming, "Ooh, Blake, I think I see something!" He was tickled.

After church we came home to have some lunch, and there was a moment which was about the most idyllic I'd had in a long time. I was in the kitchen making a fruit salad and drinking a lovely (nice and weak) gin and tonic, Matt was grilling lamb chops on our new barbecue, the boys were in the sand pit and the sun was blazing down. It was such a nice couple of moments. About 10 seconds later, one of the boys - can't even remember which one now! - climbed out of the sand pit and kicked sand in the other's face, and the tranquility was broken. It was lovely while it lasted.

I hid a few plastic eggs and some candy in the garden and we had another little egg hunt, and given that Blake's superior mobility skills to Noah, he succeeded in finding all of the eggs; I thnk he felt redeemed after the paltry success at the church hunt! We did things slightly out of order, as we rounded out Easter Day with some egg dyeing. It reminded me of last year and dyeing eggs the weekend before Noah was born. I was actually thinking that Noah has got to be one of the oldest children ever to celebrate his/her first Easter - and I have found a site that confirms that this is one of the latest Easters we're likely to have. Have a look if you're interested in this sort of thing:

And then, what has been a wonderful 4 days comes to a close and it's back to the real world tomorrow. But only for a few days, since the countdown is now on until the Big Day on Friday. I am going to have to conclude that I must have been #1901 on the guest list as nothing has arrived in the mail from William and Kate. I guess I'll have to do like 2billion other people and watch it on tv. I am very excited and now just need to find something to wear, and figure out some way of keeping the boys distracted for at least the ceremony. Chocolate may again be the answer!

As for this title, Blake cracked me up today as he started trying to say "Alleluia" which featured in one of the songs at Junior Church yesterday. He struggles a bit with the word "yellow", instead usually calling it "lellow", and "alleluia" seems to present a similar challenge! So "Alle-you-lah", "Alle-you-lah" for the past 4 days, for glorious weather, for a lovely family - nuclear, extended, and urban, for spring, for red food coloring, for all the blessings we have. Hope you had a great weekend as well!

Easter 2011

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