Sunday, March 27, 2011

Return to the blogosphere

Well, I have returned from my blog writers' strike - have you missed me? In actual fact, there's been no strike, of course...I have just been too exhausted, sick, and overworked to write. It's always hard when I haven't written for so long to know where to start, but at the end of a sunny Sunday, I can definitely say that we've had a pretty rotten two weeks, at least on the health front.

I can count on one hand the number of times in my 10 years in London where I have called in sick to work (after I went back to work after my year out with Blake, I definitely had to call in many times to say that I was having to stay at home to look after a sick boy, but for myself, it's something that I haven't had to, or just didn't, do). Two Mondays ago, though, after an awful night's sleep, I woke up with a tight throat and congestion, and I thought to myself, what I need to do is stay at home and sleep all day, workload be damned. It seemed the absolute right thing to do, and I started to get extremely excited at the possibility of the return to being a well-rested, and well, person.

As we were getting the boys ready for nursery, I noticed on a little spot on one of Noah's fingers. He'd had these two red spots on his forehead since the previous Wednesday which I thought were just pimples, but all of a sudden this spot on his hand looked worryingly like one of the symptoms of "hand, foot and mouth" - a childhood virus (and not the animal disease "foot and mouth") which is not too serious, but isn't very pleasant either. He had been "off" all weekend so I felt like it would make sense if it were in fact the case that he had yet another viral infection. The lovely images of my indulgent sick day slowly dissipated and we headed off to take Blake to nursery and Noah to the doctor.

The good news was that the doctor couldn't say conclusively that it was hand, foot and mouth; the bad news - for me and my sick day - was that since he wasn't entirely sure that it wasn't that, I didn't feel right taking Noah to nursery in case it was something contagious. So rather than curl up in bed the entire day, I basically looked after Noah, who, judging by his activity levels throughout the day, was definitely not sick! That evening I was so tired, and really, that just seems the start of what was then a very long 10 days or so...

Finally I feel like I don't actually need a sick day, but I'll hope you'll forgive my absence over the past two weeks (the above is actually just the start, but I'll leave that for later). I've got a few posts stacking up which I may pace myself with posting throughout this week.

I have just watched my beloved Tarheels bow out of the NCAA Tournament so it's not exactly how I wanted the evening to go, but I'm glad to be back at the helm of DwL and stepping down as the captain of the Good Ship Cough and Cold. Night night!

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