Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joseph!

Super Joseph Pendse turned ONE on Friday, and we got to celebrate with him at his grandparents' house in Chalfont yesterday. The Lyons boys gave an indication of trouble to come in years ahead at parties: within minutes of being there, Noah knocked over a glass of red wine, and later I didn't provide adequate clearance of Blake's t-shirt while he relieved himself so he ended up with wee all over shirt. This was a good lesson for me - I had two extra pairs of jeans and two extra pairs of underwear, but no spare t-shirt!

Anna made a lovely duck cake (or rather, trio of cakes!) and Joseph quacked appropriately when asked what sound the duck made. Apparently earlier in the day he'd replied "Woof" so Chris had been upstairs practicing with him ever since. Joseph and Noah had some fun playing together with all the fridge magnets, and it was also nice to meet the newest member of Team Cook, Ben, as well as Chris and Anna's new niece Matilda. Hard to believe that they start off so little before turning into these great big toddlers and then, pre-schoolers!

Happy Birthday, Joseph - may all your future parties be as much fun as your first one!
Here is sweet Ben, and my hand looking awkward and enormous. Duncan, in the background, is running the marathon in a few weeks! We had to sing twice, because Joseph's cousin Aidan blew out the candle for him the first time around... I'm sure the beer's in this one! No, I think it's in this one!

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