Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Birthday bash #1 (of 3)

On Wednesday we kicked off Blake's birthday "season" with a small party at home with a few of Blake's friends. I say "small" party because really, I invited 3 children, which seems like a relatively tame number considering. What isn't captured in that "small party" label is that there was what felt like an enormous amount of effort put into entertaining those 3 mini folks and their entourages (their mothers and in 2 cases, their little siblings). Don't get me wrong, we had a blast and it was definitely worth doing for Blake, but wheeeeew, were Mom and I tired that evening! We started off the day with some cake-decorating: Blake had requested a dinosaur theme for a party so dutiful Granny Karla toted all sorts of party goods and favors over from the US. For some reason, the night before the party, Blake decided that he wanted a "buzzy bee" cake, and not a dinosaur cake. You can imagine my reaction. Where in the hell has this idea even come from, I could only think. Anyway, as we started decorating the dinosaur cake, I had an idea that would accommodate this buzzy bee request, so I took a chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil and drew on it with some black permanent marker. Voila, a buzzy bee...oh yes, and he's about to be eaten by T Rex! With the cake pretty much done, we headed off to the store to stock up on food. I should have done this the night before but I was just too tired so I decided it could wait 'til the day of the party. Once back we had to start decorating and get everything set up for the games. What is a party without games, after all? I made a somewhat pitiful effort at a "Pin the Tail on the Dino" poster, and we cut out different colored dinosaur footprints which were supposed to lead each child to his/her party bag. As it turned out, these games were slightly more complicated for a 3-year-old than for a 34-year-old, but we got there in the end. I also now know that you really really must just save the party bag distribution until the end of the party; there was much confusion at various points about whose party bag was whose and whether one had gone missing, etc.
There were a few "uh-oh" moments in the build-up: a big one being that the Happy Birthday dinosaur banner that Granny had brought came out of its packaging bearing the message "Happy Birth". Somehow "day" didn't make it on to the plane (or on its boat from the warehouse in China), so we quickly concocted a homemade portion to make it sensical.
We also had a few laughs about how to create "boulder-like" rocks using chocolate cookies, without making them look too much like dino poo. I think we succeeded pretty well. And, after I had just cleaned the dining room floor, Blake spilled an entire tube of pink sprinkles all over it. The entire tube.
Both boys conked out pretty easily on Wednesday night, and Granny Karla headed for bed around 8:30. It was indeed a "dino-mite" day and a great party for Blake.

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