Saturday, February 26, 2011

The world according to Blake

I have been meaning to write on here all the funny things that Blake says, but somehow they've just been building and building and I haven't done it quite the way I wanted to. I am just going to start today, so I present the world according to Blake...

On vocal presence:
As we were getting into the car I said, "Won't it be fun when you and Noah can talk in the backseat together?"
Blake: "Noah doesn't have a real voice, Mommy."

On modern communication:
We were playing cafe this morning; I took out a play mobile phone and said I was going to order some food.
Blake: "Let's call some emails to our friends."

On getting older:
We were headed off to the birthday party of Eva, who is one of our old NW gang and who was born 2 days before Blake.
Blake: "Why do we keep having more and more and more birthdays?"
(Good question, his mother thinks as she ices the second birthday cake of the week at 11:19 pm!)

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