Monday, February 28, 2011

What in the world was I thinking?!

The other night as I clicked publish to send the "strategic update" post into the blogosphere, I thought to myself, "I have probably jinxed something there." Sure enough, I did, although it's kind of funny because the updates would almost be reversed in their assessments if I were writing them tonight.
It has been a BIG couple of days for us - more on that later - but last night, Noah slept from about 8:00 pm all the way til 5:30 am. I went to go get his bottle then and by the time I came back upstairs, he had gone quiet and stayed quiet for another half an hour. Astounding! (to quote the Gruffalo). In the meantime, it wasn't exactly like I had enjoyed a totally relaxing amazing night's sleep, because at some point in the deep hours of the night, Blake called out and rather than have him come into our bed, I ended up falling asleep with him in his. Just a Sunday night version of sleep where you drop.
To counteract the positive feelings of Noah's giving us a break every couple of nights or so, Blake - of whom I was soooo proud for being accident-free for soooo long - had a real relapse on the potty training front and has now had two of the #2 accidents in two days. Ugh. Yesterday was a very exciting day as we celebrated Blake's birthday with the extended Lyons family, and I was willing to chalk up the early evening slip-up to being over-excited and distracted by all the hubbub around him. Tonight, however, he just sort of sauntered into the bathroom while I was giving Noah a bath, and didn't hesitate to answer "Yes!" when I asked him if he had gone in his pants. Hello - you're a year older today, not 6 months younger!! I do hope this is only temporary because I was sure getting used to not having to clean up that style of mess.
I always thought it's best sometimes not to write down or say something out loud when something is going well, as I am a firm believer in not wanting to tempt fate. This happens so often with English sports, that the commentators will remark about how well England are doing, and in the next minute they will have completely capitulated and lost the game. I have no idea what is likely to happen tonight, but given that it's already past midnight, one thing that is certain is that I won't be getting enough sleep. At least if I'm prepared for that, it makes it slightly easier to accept when it does indeed come true.

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