Saturday, February 26, 2011

Restaurant review: Ganapati

It has been an awfully long time since we enjoyed the delightful flavours of south Indian food courtesy of Vijay's in Kilburn. Last Saturday we finally checked out a restaurant that had been recommended to me, Ganapati in Peckham. I had to book it a week in advance, and we could only get a table at 9:15pm, but when we got there we realised why that was: it's teeny tiny and the food is really good. For starters I got the chickpea + potato chaat and Matt had the mini masala dosa, which I would not have described as "mini" and probably would have been enough of a meal on its own. The flavors of south Indian food are so yummy and I would have loved to have eaten all of the fragrant parts of my thali but I was so full that I had to leave half of it. We also got some pretty strong beer so I can't really remember what Matt ordered for his main dish! Hopefully we'll get to go back soon, although it also made me really long for a trip back to Chennai Dosa in Wembley, where most things on the menu are about £2 and you can eat delicous authentic dish after dish until you are stuffed for under £10. Our "live-in babysitter" (aka Granny Karla) goes back to the US on Friday, though, so it may be a while before Matt and I get out again on a Saturday night!

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