Friday, February 04, 2011

Freedom Friday

Well, folks, that's it. My maternity leave is over, and I now face just another weekend like most everyone else whose working week ends on a Friday and begins on a Monday morning.

My two biggest fears about Monday are that I don't have anything to wear - must correct this situation in the next 48 hours! - and that there is no way possible that I am going to be able to get the boys to nursery and then get myself to work on time.

Today Noah was due to be at nursery from 9-3, so I calculated that if we left the house at 8:45 we would get do the short walk in time for me to get Blake settled in upstairs and then come back down to take Noah to the Baby Room. At 8:43, Blake was not dressed, and I had forgotten some key things to my own toilette such as deodorant and the makeup equivalent of underwear in terms of mimimum requirements - mascara. I also needed to assemble a few things for Noah to have at nursery like spare clothes. It was quite clear we weren't going to leave at 8:45. Blake was asking to watch an episode of Charlie and Lola, so I figured if I got that on right away, I could help him get dressed while he watched it and, as an episode lasts 10 minutes, we could leave at 8:53. Blake was standing on his head on the couch making life difficult for me, and then a really bad thought snuck into my head, which was this: "It really doesn't matter today if we're not there on time." We left the house at 9:10.

I remember back in 2009 when I was about to return to work, that Matt suggested we do some "practice mornings" to get ourselves ready. Now whether it's the perfectionist in me, or the procrastinator, or just the lazy slummy mummy who is not quite ready to admit the real world is reclaiming me, but I abhor this thought. I just want to relish the way in which most deadlines in my stay-at-home mother world are somewhat later than the working world (10:00 is often the start time for a morning activity), and the start times are loose at that. With the unpredictability of explosive poos just upon departure, or being unable to find a specific black Hot Wheels car that is desperately needed for the adventure at hand, or needing to watch a tv program "just once more time" (while child holds up 3 fingers - some work to be done on the counting front!), our estimated departure times were not always met. And most mothers are fine with knowing that a target meeting time is just that: a target.

When we did finally get ourselves out the door and to nursery, all was well. Noah stayed a few hours on his own but he was pretty teary at my being gone. No doubt he will get over it soon, and I'll probably have my own tears on Monday. As for my several hours of freedom...well, I didn't do a thing of interest with them! I had some lunch at home, talked to Mom on the phone, and researched party bag favors for Blake's upcoming birthday. A thrilling use of very rare free time.

Monday will come around before I know it. I may regret not doing a practice run, but really, is it necessary?! After all, it's just getting dressed and out of the house - how hard can it be?! Now, let's see if I can find myself a pair of matching socks....

Here's a pic from bathtime tonight.

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