Sunday, January 23, 2011

Local milk bar closes

West Dulwich, London (BP) - January 19, 2010
A local milk bar has become the latest establishment to close its doors to customers. "I'd had the milk bar open twice during the years 2008-2011," said the owner in an exclusive interview with Dances with Lyons. "It was a fantastic experience to be a milk bar owner, but the time seemed right to close it down. In December I started to evaluate our opening hours, and chose not to renew our 24-hour license. That perhaps signalled the start of the end."

Milk bar owners - always women - are renowned to be some of the hardest-working people in the world, often working around the clock and making many sacrifices for their customers, notably related to sleep. Their appearances and wardrobes are also known to suffer. Most choose to engage in the profession only for a limited time, if at all. "I closed the bar back in January 2009 when I was heading back into my job outside the home, and after re-opening in April 2010, I've decided to close for similar reasons. My most recent customer had just been stopping by for a quick hello in the very early morning; I don't think he was heartbroken or surprised to hear I was shutting. Since he got his first three teeth, he just seemed mostly interested in showing them off, and frankly, a milk bar is really not the place for those."

"It was always about customer satisfaction, and it's been a pleasure to have been the exclusive drinking joint of choice for our valued customers for a substantial amount of time. Although I was somewhat emotional when I decided which day was closing day, it feels right. These days, customers' needs change so rapidly, and they have so much choice and variety. Our first customer reportedly now drinks pink milk and hot chocolate; I just can't compete with that."

The owner reports that she will not open any similar establishments in the future, and as a result, various items from the milk bar will be auctioned in the community. "It was a great experience, one I'd recommend. But I'll look forward to the next stages of life, and of course I'll always be there for our clients in other ways."

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