Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!

Apologies that it has taken me four days to wish a Happy New Year to all our loyal readers...hopefully many of you will have only reconnected with the world wide web today, if you enjoyed a few days out of the office or if you boycotted anything with keyboards over the holiday season.
We did not exactly "ring in" the new year; rather we were sitting on the couch watching some made-for-the-event program on tv. At some time which felt like VERY LATE o'clock, the announcer made a big production of doing the countdown, and Matt and I looked at each other and said, "Happy New Year" like we were octogenarians greeting each other in the communal breakfast hall of our retirement village. Gone are the days of drunken choruses of Auld Lang Syne (I always vow to actually learn the words, but never do), frantic searches for someone to kiss amongst the overflowing glasses of champagne(preferably the person you went to the party with, or your husband; hopefully they're even one and the same), hangovers so bad that you spend the entirety of New Year's Day in bed (aaaah, actually that part sounds kind of nice!)...
We did have a nice evening, in fact; we got the boys to bed at somewhat decent hours and then we had a fancy ready-meal dinner from the local Cook shop. I couldn't eat all of mine because I had eaten what felt like an entire fishery of smoked salmon and creme fraiche blinis, something of a favorite for me at New Year. Matt has re-started his decluttering-the-house efforts; first thing to go was a "vintage" bottle of cava that had been sitting on top of the kitchen cupboards for at least a year. Even scarier is that this bottle had probably been sitting on top of the kitchen cupboard of our previous home for at least a year, if not 3. As I was drinking it I was thinking to myself, "This is such a recipe for disaster," reasons being: 1) We hardly ever really drink any more, so anything beyond a glass or two is bound to give me a hangover anyway 2) This particular bottle of cava is one that in the four or so years that it's been hanging around, is the one that I always overlook or ignore and either choose another one or actually go out and buy more instead of opening that one 3) I am pretty certain it was cheap to begin with 4) The lack of functional extractor fans in each of our last two kitchens means that the conditions for the stuff to go completely off were optimal 5) Something about the fact that consuming it was part of a decluttering exercise meant that we felt compelled to drink it all.
In fact, strangely, against the odds, it tasted fine, if not even good. We then went on to drink the actual bottle of decent champagne that I'd bought, and sharing a kid-free dinner felt "special", so all in all it was a nice evening. I remember that for Blake's first NYE, he was awake (and in no mood to sleep), and Noah in fact stirred at about 11:40 pm. He, however, was content to have a bit of milk and go back to sleep, so in that respect he was following the rules of NYE for one his age!

I hadn't realised until that night that we were indeed moving into a new decade, but with this additional weight of importance, we seem to have done resolutions - I think I'd given up on doing any for the past couple of years, knowing how I am and how soon into January I give up on most of them. Top of both of our lists is to lose weight, which should now be allowed given my limited breastfeeding (more on that in an imminent post), and my desire to re-enter the working world not looking totally the part of "mother of 2 who really let herself go". I need to work on my wardrobe, that's for sure, so I'm going to figure out a way to conquer my retail phobia. And then the usual things like be a better correspondent, be a better person, etc. I'd actually like to learn something new - maybe Photoshop or how to sew - but for now I'm going to concentrate on the weight thing and then see how much dedication I have to sticking to any resolutions! I did briefly toy with "going to bed earlier" being one of my goals, but it's now just gone half past twelve at night, and I've always been a night owl so I'm just not sure I can stick to that one. Maybe I'll just learn the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne and then be ready for next year. If we manage to stay up late enough...

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