Sunday, January 23, 2011


Some of you may be wondering how we're doing with the Baby-Led Weaning approach to solids for Noah. It's going really well, in fact, and I think he has started "eating with a bit more purpose" (I think I remember a quote like this from the book). Favorites are spaghetti, dried apricots, oranges, sausages, and - new a few weeks ago - Cheerios! I have not followed the approach to the letter, and every morning I can be found spoon-feeding him his breakfast cereal. Yogurt is also something I feel better about feeding to him, as opposed to letting him muck in and get it everywhere except down his throat. But generally I've enjoyed it and I think Noah has too. Some days when I try to feed him something - like I did today with some of my soup - he'll just push the spoon away and go back to his selection of goodies on his highchair tray. So at that point I just say to myself, "I tried." He still seems a good weight and I'm wrapping up with breastfeeding [I originally started writing this on Jan 5th], so he should be getting enough milk based on what I can see him having with his bottles.
It definitely has suited me from the point-of-view of not having to make endless purees and spend time trying to spoon-feed him, but it definitely is messy (and the food doesn't just end up on him, or on the floor, but all over me, the high chair, the dining table...). The other night I made a kind of cottage pie thing and we actually all ate it for dinner, so that seemed like the whole plan had been a good idea.
I have a really funny video of him eating spaghetti but it's so massive that I can't upload it anywhere; I'm going to see if Matt can figure some way of doing it. In the meantime, here is Noah enjoying an orange. Ignore the dried muck on the back of his highchair if you can!

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