Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book reviews: We Are All Made of Glue and Stick or Twist

I'll be honest, I had a thought the other day that I am indeed that mother: the one who pontificates about her brilliant toddler's urinary and bowel movements, and assumes that her audience is not only interested, but also impressed with her choice vocabulary to descibe the unmentionables and the toddler's command of his understanding of the toilet. Deep inside me, there is the person I once was before all this took over my life. And in an effort to keep some balance to the blog, I offer you some book reviews!

You should definitely read We Are All Made of Glue. It's the third book by the Marina Lewycka, who wrote A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian and Two Caravans. As is her style, the latest novel does indeed have a foreign-born protagonist, the cat-loving, bargain-hunting Naomi Shapiro, whose life collides with that of the English Georgie, whose husband has just left her as the story begins. Georgie spies Mrs. Shapiro removing items from the skip in front of her North London house (where Georgie has just deposited her husband's treasured possessions) and so begins a tale that is almost just believable, both sad and funny, and definitely heart-warming. The author's gift is in the dialogue of the various quirky characters, especially the often slightly incorrect English and wacky situations which just made me laugh out loud at times. I found Lewycka's first two books amusing but also depressing, whereas this left me with a smile on my face. A definite winner if you're looking for a good book to curl up with (if you get to do that sort of thing, of course!).

I also stayed up late over Christmas to get through the very enjoyable Stick or Twist by Eleanor Moran, who is friends with Nina. At Nina's Hen Night in November I sat next to Eleanor at dinner, so I promised to check out her books. Stick or Twist tells the story of 30-something Anna, who makes the bold move of declining the offer of marriage from her boyfriend of 10 years because their relationship just doesn't have it anymore. Other suitors and possible Mr Right's enter the tale, which is anchored from a time perspective by a media event Anna is organising at work. I would highly recommend this one as a great chick lit read for the beach, or if any of you mothers out there need an escape to the now fantasy worlds of going out for mid-week drinks, flirting with new bad-boy beaus, boozy weekend mini-breaks, do what I did and stay up late to read it!

That's all for now; happy reading!

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