Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Winter, winter, here we come!

In my mind, up until the beginning of this week, I still thought of it as being some time around the middle of October. I just don't feel as if I remember November coming and going, and a large contributor to my Seasonal Confusion Disorder is the disaster of my wardrobe. Somewhere in our house, I must have some winter clothes, but goodness knows where they are, or when I'm going to manage to find time to go retrieve them if they're in the loft as I suspect. Whether they'll even fit me is a completely different matter...

As the mother of a British toddler, I am aware of the change of seasons not just by being aware of what's happening outside with the weather, but by a very specific event that happens on the BBC's children's tv channel, CBeebies. I'll call it the "season song", and it's basically a kind of 2-minute song and dance type thing done by the presenters of the shows which describes all the joys of the particular season we're in, and is used as a "filler" between specific programs throughout the day. In the year or so since Blake has really watched CBeebies, the appearance of the new "season song" is a much-analysed, briefly-enjoyed event in our household. Is the tune any good? What about the words and the dancing, are they totally cheesy? Most importantly, what am I going to think of this after I hear it for the dozenth time? I remember when we moved into this house nearly a year ago that last year's Winter song was extremely irritating, and that we heard and watched it a lot over the cold months in the new house. Matt also likes to add some professional intrigue to the mix - if they didn't include a certain presenter or presenters in the season song, does that mean they're on their way out or soon to get the boot? (Matt gets bored of the same presenters, whereas I think it could be traumatic for the kids if certain ones were to disappear).

I think it was on Monday that I happened to see, as I was about to turn the tv off for the morning, the new Winter Song, and I thought it was pretty catchy. Interestingly enough, it features only 3 of the roughly half a dozen normal presenters - and not Cerrie, the main female, whose arm happens to be amputated just below the elbow, which I only noticed after about 6 months of watching. Incidentally I noticed this finally during last year's Winter song, when they had to do some dance move which involved raising their arms above their heads. There was evidently a lot of discussion on various forums when she first came on about whether the kids would be scared of her disability, but I've decided I loathe forums anyway so enough about that.

This morning at breakfast I started singing the new song (sample lyric: "Winter, winter, let's all cheer, it's cold outside but it's warm in here") and then went back as well to belt out the tune from the recent autumn one (sample lyric: "Picking and storing, while summer is snoring, autum has coooooooooome....). I then realized that we could find it online with the lyrics and Blake really got into it. He also knows how to click the mouse (soon enough infants will come out of the womb knowing how to do this, I'm sure) to watch things again, so he pretty much knew a lot of the winter song by the end of the day.

As for the real winter, it came in full force on Tuesday morning. When I went to tend to a crying Noah at 4:00 in the morning, I looked out to see flakes in the light of the streetlight and a white dusting on the cars. By the time that normal people were awake, it was still going, and continued really right through until we went to bed on Tuesday night. Without having to commute, I could just enjoy it and appreciate the beauty and the peacefulness that freshly-fallen snow brings. We enjoyed looking out the window at it ("Look at the snow snowing!" Blake said). His pre-school went out and played in the garden, and then he threw these sweet little snowballs at me on our walk home. When we turned on to our road, the lady in the corner house was throwing some grit on to the road and Blake questioned, "Why is she making brown snow?" Too funny. I had accidentally let it slip that we were supposed to make a visit to Bishy today, so all last night he kept asking, "When is the wind gonna come blow the snow away so that we can go to Bishy's house?" In the end this morning it just felt too risky to go out on the roads, so he was pretty upset at not getting to go. I tried to make it up to him by making hot chocolate in the afternoon.

Using the 2 out of 3 rule, I can only conclude that it is well and truly winter. CBeebies says it's so, Mother Nature has painted the world white, so it must indeed be that my clothes are a few months behind the times. And since I've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Just let me figure out where my warmer clothes are first...

All bundled up, Blake having contributed objects for Noah to take along with him (toy money and lion)
This was the view on Wednesday morning...

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