Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow report

On Friday there was more snow, but only a little dusting. Matt had the day off and late in the day we took a walk in the West Norwood Cemetery. It was really really cold out but lovely and clear!

On Saturday morning at about 9:30 I looked out beyond the Christmas tree and saw that it was snowing - again. I was about to call upstairs to tell Blake, but at that moment I heard him cry, "It's snowing!" in his funny little voice. It was snowing sideways and in just about two hours it had snowed about 3 inches - at one point it was really coming down fast. I started to think about how many people are going to struggle to get to their Christmas destinations and I just hope the chaos eases so that people get to have the holiday they had planned. I thought back to April and the air travel problems caused by the volcanic ash - weather, and its effects, just remains almost the only thing these days that nobody can control.

Saturday's snow seemed finally to be the right kind for making snowmen (previous attempts have just been feeble but this was due to the consistency), and I was quite pleased to actually have some carrots in the fridge.

It was a low-key, snowed-in day, and it was great!

Last night, there was more snow - it's starting to feel routine now! We'll hope to go to Granny Bishy's on Thursday afternoon to beat the Christmas Eve rush. But it looks as if it will indeed be a White Christmas!

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