Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sleep report

I can't quite remember where I left it with Noah's sleep updates. I can hardly remember two nights ago, but I can definitely report that last night was GOOD! I was always really hopeful that once he got over his cold that he would remember the very important lessons I was attempting to teach him in the middle of those nights when we started controlled crying. I am sure writing this will jinx tonight, but last night he went down easily at about 7:30. Around 10:30 he stirred but went back to sleep, and I gave him a dream feed bottle sometime soon after. I think (if I am not forgetting some wake-up that I am too tired to remember) that he then slept til 5:30. I fed him a bit and he then went back to sleep until 7:30. This is, of course, as any mother suffering from sleep deprivation would agree, a GOOD night. I am really hopeful that, like the recent snow, this will stick!

We also tried giving the boys a bath together for the first time tonight. I am not sure they came out any cleaner but I think they had fun.

Since writing the first half of this post, we've also had some NORMAL nights, meaning that Noah's woken up and it's been tricky to figure out what to do, since I've stopped the night feeds but he's not settling very well. Hmm, watch this space...

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