Monday, December 06, 2010

Progress report

The problem with being a night owl is that the world expects you to wake up the next morning with all the other people who go to bed at a decent hour. I was feeling verrrrry tired this morning when Blake came in to drag the duvet off me. The title of this post is perhaps slightly inaccurate, as it didn't really seem as if there was much progress to Noah's night. He woke up for less total time, but more often, so I felt as if I was in some comedy show where just when my head hit the pillow and I'd drifted back to sleep, he would then be crying again and up I'd go to his room. I didn't feed him, however, so I guess I just have to hope that he'll soon "get it" and decide it's not worth waking up for. Please, let that happen soon!

Here are some of the photos from the recent snow. There are still patches of ice on the ground but for the most part everything has melted. I really loved the snow but when it does melt, you do realize how much easier things are when you don't have to navigate around it! With that, I'm off to bed...morning will come much sooner than I'd like!


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