Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party party party

Thursday was truly our party day, as we went from the pre-school play and party to Matt's work do that evening. We managed to get Noah asleep by 6:50 pm, and Blake had had his bath and was being read to by Granny Bishy when we left at 7:00. It had started to snow, and I felt really quite peaceful and ready to enjoy the evening.

Matt's parties are usually pretty extravagant affairs, and this year was a little less so, but still pretty impressive. The theme was "Glitter" although I misinterpreted the theme to be "Wine" and got rather tipsy. I had read an article about what a liability partners are at Christmas parties, so I did try to remember to behave myself, though.

When we got home sometime after midnight, Blake was on the sofa asleep next to Elizabeth. She said he hadn't been able to settle in his bed, but did fall asleep pretty quickly when he came down with her. He woke up when we came in but Matt carried him upstairs and he fell straight back to sleep. Bless his heart.

My company's party was also on Thursday night, so I'd had to choose between these two, but it meant that for me, the Christmas "party season" was over.

Second time this year I've worn a fake moustache (the first time being at Lucy's Hen Do)...

The Beckhams were there too! This was a great act, with these two guys changing their masks to become different famous duo's...

There have been times in years past when Matt and I have gone out - on that oh-so-rare occasion that we go out - and we've come home to find Blake fully awake at 11:00 pm or midnight with one or the other grandmother/sitter reading stories and having a whale of a time. I guess our little party animal is starting to know his limits...even if his mama still hasn't learned all of hers!

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