Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our anniversary!

It was one year ago today that we said goodbye to our friendly movers around 5:00 pm and wearily closed the front door of our new house. At the time we were just Meg, Matt and Blake, plus The Child Soon To Be Known as Noah (then nicknamed "BLT"), the newest residents of South London. 365 days on, the weather is not much different - we had snow at about this same time last year - and although we still have a lot of work to do on the house, it is definitely home.

I still don't have any regrets about choosing this house, and although it has been hard to spend a lot of time in it this year and be so ready and eager to make improvements, but be delayed by the approval process and a distinct lack of free time, I love our little street and the community we're in. I do wish Matt's commute were shorter, but I guess I wish none of us had to commute at all!

So far all we've really done is paint a few rooms and replace some windows, but all the credit for the state of the back yard goes to Matt, who has worked throughout the seasons to make it better for the future!

December 2009

Just after Noah arrived - note the brightness of the fence panels and the dryness of the ground!

July - shed about to be constructed with Chris's help...grass seed worked!

October 2010

December 2010, perfect for making snowmen in!
I don't even want to remind myself of how stressed out and exhausted we were by the buying and selling process this time last year, so I'll just wish us Happy Anniversary. Maybe this time next year we'll have some flowers and plants too!

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