Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the 8th day of Christmas...

...we finally opened Blake's Advent Calendar (I remember, because I asked him if he knew where the number 8 was, and then thought to myself that using an Advent Calendar to help teach numbers was not very effective when you forget to do it until December 8th).

We had completed night 4 of Noah's controlled crying program, and to be honest, it wasn't going anywhere as well as I'd hoped it might be! He'd had yet another night of being awake for about two hours - this time I think it was from between 3:15 and 5:10 am, so I was feeling pretty zombie-like that morning. It so happened that we had his 8-month review that day, so I went into it pretty frazzled and wasn't nearly as calm, cool and collected as I might have wanted to be. Still it was nice to discuss with the health visitor what I was doing in terms of the sleep, and whether it was the right thing. I mentioned that I thought he might have some painful teeth and a touch of a cold, and we agreed that it would probably be best to keep going with the crying-it-out, even if those things had probably contributed to not seeing much improvement over the four nights.

After that we headed over to Wimbledon, to another mall! I was really in a state over what we were going to wear to this photo shoot, having made the mistake of Googling "what to wear for a family portrait" and getting all sorts of ideas about what not to wear. All the good advice was good to know, but it wasn't having any effect when I actually got to the shops and just couldn't find anything that seemed right! The photographer's website had said to wear "anything you feel comfortable in, anything you look good in"; easier said than done in my case! I just didn't have anything, nor could I find anything! In one shop I got as far as pulling the double buggy into a dressing room to quickly slip on a shirt, only for Blake to kick the wall of the dressing room causing the buggy to shoot backwards and open the door exposing me and my bra (pretty much grey now from so two rounds of feeding and near constant wear). I gave up at that point, ran quickly to get some shirts for them at Gap Kids, and we headed back in the car to go to the last story time at Elm Green School until the new year. This story time has pretty much been exclusively for Blake and his friend Charlie, as we are always the only people ever to turn up! On the way home in the car, Blake proclaimed very proudly from the back that Noah was clapping his hands, and it was true - very cute as it was the first time I think he'd done it so it must have been quite an interesting sensation for him and he found it very funny.

That evening I tore through my entire wardrobe, hoping and praying to find some long-forgotten item of clothing that would be perfect for our photos. I didn't find it but settled on an old turtleneck which hopefully didn't look too horrible. To make myself feel better I had a few bites of Advent chocolate from days 1-7. I didn't think Blake would miss them; he doesn't have to know Advent doesn't start at Day 8...

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