Monday, December 06, 2010

December, by Blake Lyons

December is a funny month. First of all, it snows in December, which is not like all the other months. I like the snow, it's white, and I don't think it's that cold. Mommy got a bit angry with all these people who kept asking her if Noah and I were warm enough when we were out in the buggy. I don't like to wear my gloves or hat but everyone seems to think I should. Mommy made snow ice cream for me on Thursday. I love ice cream!
The other thing which is happening which is not right is that Mommy and Daddy have started talking funny. It's like they are saying words but then all of a sudden I can't understand them. Here's an example: Mommy will say to Daddy, "We need to look at what we can get B from Ess ay enn tee ay." And he'll say, "Ok, I got him that pee you zed zed ell ee if you think he'll like that." I then have to say to them, "Daddy, what you talking like that for?" Strange.
All the while, they keep telling me that I'd better be good because if I'm not Santa won't come see me. Who is Santa anyway? I have never really heard them talk about him much before, so what's the fuss right now? I wonder if Santa is my friend Charlie; he came to play today.
We saw strange horses yesterday, or at least they looked a little like horses apart from they had big horns coming out of their heads. I have never seen them in any other month apart from December.
Mommy is sometimes nice and sometimes not. She says she's tired and when I ask, Why, she tells me that she isn't getting enough sleep. Why? Because Noah is waking up in the night. Why? I don't know, because he's a baby. Why? Because he's little, not like you, you're big. Why? Because you're bigger than he is. Why? Because you were born before him. Why? And then that's the end of that because she sighs and tells me to do something else. So then I ask to watch Chuggington and she sighs again and says no because she doesn't let me watch as much tv as I used to. I love tv. I also love Buzz Lightyear, and I am going to get a Buzz Lightyear from Santa.
In a few weeks, I have to say something at nursery when they ask me if my friend Ralphie can have a room to stay in. I am supposed to say, "I can give you my stable," but most of the time I just say, "Yes." When we were at my cousin Maya's birthday party a few weeks ago, someone gave me a plate of food and my Mommy said, "What do you say, Blake?" and I said, "I can give you my stable." That made them all laugh, because she just wanted me to say "Thank you."
But the one thing I do like about December is all the singing. I like especially to sing, "We wish you a merry Christmas!" And the CBeebies Winter song, I love that one too.

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