Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog celebrates 5th birthday

London (BP) - The globally-esteemed weblog, Dances with Lyons, which tracks the activities of a London family, announced plans for its 5th birthday celebrations to take place today. DwL's Chief correspondent and founder stated: "Dances with Lyons was born five years ago today, as I was trying to close out a quiet half-day at the office. My friend Raina had a blog, and she inspired me to do one myself. It was New Year's Eve, and I thought it would be a good resolution to keep better track of things in 2006. It's hard to believe, but here we are, five years on."

DwL cites a reader community on at least 3 continents as a primary reason for its existence. "In the early days, the content was pretty boring, to be honest, and in fact the blog was dormant for about nine months as we prepared for our wedding. The arrival of our junior contributor in 2008 really accelerated the interest in the blog. It is the energy and enthusiasm of our readers which makes the late-night posts worthwhile." A further staff addition in 2010 meant that the editor had less time for providing content-rich posts on a daily basis as she tried to manage the expanded team. "We thank all our readers for checking in on and showing an interest in Dances with Lyons. I wish that every day you could log in to a new post, but we do the best we can. Every now and then I think to myself, when will I call time on the blog? but then I'll have someone mention that they enjoy reading it, and that's what all writers and publications need. At the moment, I guess I see its continuing indefinitely. This blog won't change the world, but it does allow me to record and comment on our world, which I enjoy doing. We are pleased to dedicate the 5th birthday to our readers!"

The London team will celebrate with a private party for staff at the blog's headquarters in southeast London, with champagne and pink milk to be served.

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