Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween!

There are some things, like knives, flames, and turning back the clock, which really aren't compatible with children, but we dealt with all three yesterday and managed a decent day out of it. At some point deep in the night on Saturday the UK reverted back to GMT. Try explaining to a 2-year-old whose DNA, upon examination, would likely have traces of rooster in it, why "getting an extra hour sleep" is a good thing. Yes, I think the idea of an extra hour of sleep was not written into the calendar with children, or the parents of children, in mind.

It also happened that yesterday was Halloween, a holiday which only I, of the people in my household, seem to be interested in. Matt does not endorse trick or treating so the various activities related to this - pumpkin carving, costume selection, answering the door - were up to me. He did buy the candy though, at my request, but perhaps he just knew there would be left-overs!

Blake showed a clear apathy toward Halloween and despite my various attempts over the weeks prior to find out what he wanted to be ("ballerina" and "rubbish truck man" were the things he did express an interest in), he ended up reluctantly sticking on a skeleton t-shirt at the party we went to at church.

When we got home I put out the pumpkin and we had a smattering of trick-or-treaters. Having rarely actually had to answer the door for young trick-or-treaters in our previous London residences (and then turning all the lights out and retreating to the back to avoid the banging on the door by hooded teenagers), I felt like a real amateur in the candy-dispensation department; what was I to do: place the bags of candy into the tiny hands, let them select what they wanted out of my plastic candy basket, or deposit the candy into their open goody bags? Clearly I need to have more practice at this as my hesitation led to confusion when I was trying to bypass their open hands to throw the candy into the bags, etc. Noah liked having people come to the door and his little outfit got a lot of compliments.

I was quite proud of my pumpkin although having looked at our photos from last year, this year's version was not too different!
The pumpkin is crying! I had never noticed this before...

We'll now look forward to another "holiday", this Friday's Bonfire Night.
Fortunately for Blake, Bonfire Night does not require a costume!

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