Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A baby becomes a boy, with a little help from his brother

Last week I went to take a photo of Noah as he pulled himself up onto the bottom stair of the staircase, but by the time I'd aimed the camera and was ready to shoot Blake had come up from behind him and lifted him up, so that now the photo in my viewfinder was of Noah standing at the stair! Second children, eh?

They do seem to have a lot of fun together; witness this evidence of them "being pirates". Blake was insistent that Noah join him in this toy chest and then their ship cruised around for a while looking for treasure (I was on an "island" - the rug in the middle of the room!).

I can only imagine that it won't be long before Noah is trying to boss Blake around. It seems like it won't be long that Noah is doing everything that Blake is doing! If only he could take some lessons on the sleeping through the night thing...

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