Sunday, October 10, 2010

Subject: the Scream

If you live in London, or perhaps even anywhere in the UK or even the East Coast of the US, you may have heard last night what can only be classed as Blake's Worst Tantrum Ever! My goodnesss, my ears are still ringing...
Matt and I alternate on who does Blake's bedtime, and last night it was my night. I don't mind doing Blake's bedtime, although it can depend on the books he chooses for his bedtime stories. We recently returned a Richard Scarrey book to the library, which has vastly improved the nighttime routine; the book was about a very busy town and took forever to read. He knew it all so you couldn't skip any pages!

For some reason last night he decided to insist that he wanted Matt to do stories, but Matt was sticking firm that it was Mommy's turn. If there is such a thing as children having a reserve in their voice for when they really want to make the neighbors think there is a problem, Blake used his last night. He went mental! I finally got him calmed down but I did wonder how far away the cries could be heard.

As for Blake, when he's not flipping a gasket, he is awfully entertaining. Some of the things he says are just so funny, like when he looks at the London street atlas and starts saying things like, "And then you turn here, and go down this street, and through the park..." and on and on. He also has somewhere along the way confused these two word combinations: "coffee and tea" and "cup of tea" so he often asks if anyone would like a "coffa tea". This morning he came in to wake me up and kindly told me that I "look smelly". When we were returning to the car this afternoon from the park, we were admiring all the Sunday art sellers' work on the wall of Hyde Park and we spent a long time in front of an artist's work where the scenes were of London in the evening - Blake kept saying, "Do we live in London in the dark?" Funny boy. Although not when he's screaming his head off.

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