Monday, September 27, 2010

You can't always get what you want...

On Thursday I felt like a broken record. Blake, despite much prompting, continuous reminding, and my denying his requests until he asks for something properly, insists on phrasing his wants as just that: his wants. "I want to watch more Chuggington!" "I want some Cheerios!" "I want a juicebox!" For about the first dozen of these want, want, want's, I replied with a clever phrase I'd overhead a parent use in a store: "I want does not get." Catchy, huh? Say it at least 12 times in the space of an hour, and you'll wish you'd never read this post!

Blake is generally considered to be a pretty eloquent and well-spoken little guy. So you can imagine my extreme frustration when, after enunciating quite clearly his want, this was the dialogue:
B: I want a ham sandwich!
M: I want does not get. Can you please ask nicely, and then maybe Mommy will help you get a ham sandwich.
B: please c...ha...ha....san....ple...?
M: What was that, Blake, I didn't hear you [nor can I hardly even see you anymore, since you're staring at the ground and turning your gaze away from me...and you're only 2 and a half - I thought I had a few years before I had a mumbling teenager!]?
B: (slightly better) Can I have a ham sandwich, please Mommy?
M: Ok, since you asked nicely. But remember, you need to ask for things with a question, and not just say, I want.
20 seconds later
B: I want to watch Mister Maker!

At one point toward the end of the day I was just ignoring him any time he said I want, but then I thought that was perhaps too uncommunicative and not the right approach during what was meant to be a lesson about communication. Anyway, I guess the lesson is that you can't always get what you want, but you can sometimes, if you ask nicely, and at a volume at which I can at least hear you, get what you would like.

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