Monday, September 06, 2010

No need to go to the toy store!

I decided that I really ought to get my act together today and clean the house, and I started with the living room. If ever I thought Blake was in need of new toys, all I needed to do was look under the couch!
Here's what I found: 22 Lego pieces, a dozen crayons, 9 Matchbox cars, Mr Potato Head's curly moustache, 3 plastic tools, a plastic fireman who had been separated from his crew, the letter D from an alphabet puzzle, about 30 dessicated Cheerios, 2 dirty socks (unmatching), and an awful lot of dust!
I think the sequel to the Toy Story series should be based on the rogue collection of stuff under Andy's couch at college. Noah was pretty amused by all this, in addition to my singing along to some cheesy kids' cd while cleaning.

And now I should get back to work, since I only removed the items which I didn't want to be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner...

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