Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lucy and Ernesto - Olé!

On a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday, we witnessed Lucy and Ernesto take each other to be "nothing other than themselves" in a stunning ceremony at Folly Farm just outside Bristol.

We packed up the car on Sunday to head away for two nights. If you'd looked inside it would have been very difficult to guess that we were not in fact going travelling for several months across multiple continents, such was the degree to which every amount of space in our Toyota Avensis was used. If the kitchen sink would have fit, we probably would have tried to use to hold spare Lego's and put it in ...

Despite the recent cooler and autumnal weather, Monday broke in radiant sunshine, which was very good fortune considering the beautiful setting for the wedding. We had a lot of fun thanks especially to our babysitter Maria who we found through the babysitting agency Elf Sitters; we got to leave Blake and Noah in her excellent care for a few hours. I had real visions of Blake somehow running into the tent where the ceremony was being held shouting "Daddy! Chris! Do you want to build a shed?! Do you want some beer?!" But thankfully this did not happen.

What did happen was that I had too much sangria and was feeling even more wretchedly tired than usual on Tuesday. There were loads of lovely things about the wedding: the ceremony itself which was full of many touching thoughts and words on the nature of love, two guitar-playing mariachi singers who appeared during the post-ceremony drinks, the delicious food, and my downfall - the well-stocked communal free bar which went on into the wee hours. The ride home on Tuesday was pretty miserable as for the last hour Noah just wailed in the backseat. Teething pain, boredom, not happy to be returning to London...could have been any of those things I guess. Anyway, we were happy to share in the wedding weekend and glad that Lucy and Ernesto had a beautiful day to celebrate their marriage. Congratulations!

Yay, we're going to a wedding!

Just married!

La cucaracha, la cucaracha...

My attempted artistry as the sun set before the speeches...

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