Sunday, August 01, 2010

Why you have not received a birth announcement for Noah

Noah is pretty good at smiling for the camera. And he loves the video camera even more.

Here are a couple of recent shots of him looking pretty cute:

In his big cot on Saturday (sheet is his Mommy's from 34 years ago - still in great shape!)

I had to take this one holding him with one hand and just aiming the camera in his general direction, hence the interesting crop:
One of the things you may be asking yourself is whether or not I am planning on sending out birth announcements for Noah (after I wrote that, I'll add that you're probably not really asking yourself's probably only me who is aware that there is a box of them sitting on our front table, waiting to be addressed and sent in the mail). The delay is because of a photo, which is hard to believe since I take a fair number of photos and many of the ones of Noah are quite cute. No, the issue is that I need a photo of both Blake and Noah looking cute together, which at the moment is proving I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E. Here is an example of what I usually get when I try to photograph them together.

Blake loves to hug Noah when the camera is on them both, but the hug usually involves his arm covering Noah's face, thus ruining the potential shot. Blake gets bored about 2 seconds later and the above is the result of what happens next. And so I'll keep trying. I hope to get the announcements out by Noah's first birthday, at the latest!

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