Friday, August 27, 2010

Where did summer go?!

Life has taken on a very autumnal feel here. This week the weather has been grey, cold and wet, and it just seems like summer is definitively over! Of course a change in season usually means for me the realization that I have nothing appropriate to wear, which results in much fun as I rifle through my clothes hoping and praying I might happen upon some long-forgotten item which would be perfect. Then again f I did find it, I'm sure it wouldn't fit. Such is life!

We are off this weekend to Lucy and Ernesto's wedding near Bristol, which we'd hoped would be a summery type affair, although I think I'm going to have to pack warm clothes so we don't freeze!

Not too much seems to have happened this week. Blake continues to delight and frustrate me in equal measure. He has developed a new laugh which reminds me a lot of Chandler's girlfriend Janice's from the series Friends. I'll have to see if I can record it. Noah seems to have not received the memo about sleeping through the night, and continues to wake. Even worse a couple of times he's woken Blake up at about 2:00 in the morning, which is about the least desirable scenario I can imagine for 2 am. Most mornings around 4:00 I just bring Noah in our bed where he'll sleep soundly and at least save me from getting up and down going to and from his room and ours. Once I've had some coffee and a shower all is forgiven and I can't believe how lucky I am to have these sweet boys.

Still working on capturing that elusive birth announcement photo...and trying my hardest to record some of the funny things that Blake says these days, such as "Mommy, you're a big boy!" (when I was swinging on a big swing next to him) or "Mommy, you're a super-dooper man" after saying that Matt was a super-dooper man. Still seems to struggle a bit with gender and often still calls me Daddy before catching himself and rephrasing! He talks a lot about bears and dragons and other such creatures in his room, so I think I should go have a check - I thought the only known wildlife in there were dust bunnies.

Better go make my list for what we need to take this weekend - and see if I can find some sweaters!!

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