Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toddler's memory

I'm constantly amazed by the memory powers of a 2.5 year old. Blake can remember so many things, people, places and events, many times when I can't! We'll be walking down the street and a completely inconspicuous man or woman will walk by - one I'm certain never to have seen before - and Blake will say, "That's Ethan's Daddy!" or "There's Isabelle's Mummy!" (and yes, I think he would say "Mummy" instead of "Mommy" much for his North Carolina roots!). Obviously I guess he sees the parents of his pre-school friends pick up their kids, and is able to identify which mothers or fathers go with which child. It's pretty remarkable. He loves to recall events, such as when he finds a screwdriver lying around (erm, yes, I think I've remarked before on the state of our house) and will say, "Daddy and Chris need this to build the shed." Indeed. Well remembered.

So the equally amazing thing about his memory is how bloody selective it is! You would think that after all these days - coming up close to a thousand he's had of them - he would remember that at some point after he wakes up in the morning, there is a need to de-robe oneself of one's pyjamas and put on actual clothes in order to be able to go out and explore the world. You would think he just might be able to remember that, but somehow, he doesn't. Yesterday morning the process of my saying - for the first time - that he needed to get dressed and then ending up with him in actual clothes that looked somewhat decent together, not to mention socks that matched (each other, not the outfit) took just over an hour. An hour. Sixty minutes. Sixty minutes to do something that, once he succumbed to doing, took about 45 seconds. Craziness!

Over the weekend, Matt decided that the new plan would be to make Blake get dressed before going downstairs for breakfast or tv. He surmised that if Blake got used to this routine, then he'd come to accept it and we'd avoid the battles. What my dear husband failed to do was to make Blake change his nappy before getting dressed, which meant that after Matt had left to go to work, I then had to do the hour-long battle over the nappy. I texted a grouchy message to say that there was no point to his plan if I still had to go to war over the nappy. I'm not sure he replied....

Anyway, I'm sure this too shall pass, but I can sure think of plenty of other things I'd like to do than cajole a toddler to get dressed. What I could do with a spare hour!!

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