Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jam-packed weekend

It seems like we packed a lot in this weekend, but I don't feel exhausted from it. As the official Lyons Family buyer of England cricket tickets, I had supplied 6 tickets to Day 4 of the cricket Test match against Pakistan, so on Saturday Matt went off with some menfolk and Blake and Noah and I had the day to ourselves. We started off at my latest discovery, Baby Booters at the local JAGS sports center, where for £3 we get an hour of kicking dozens of mini footballs around - it's really good, and cheap by kids' activity standards! I had Noah in the Baby Bjorn while we tried to get Blake to participate. He liked it for a bit but after being there for about 5 minutes started asking if we could go home to have sandwiches for lunch.

We managed to last the hour, but then we did indeed have our ham sandwiches, before my attempts to encourage an afternoon family nap. Blake agreed to go to his room but only if his coloring book and crayons and markers could accompany him. I was to the point of nodding off on the futon when at some point I realized he'd gone extremely quiet (usually a sign of trouble!). He had used his markers all over the sheet on his bed so I have to hope that it all comes out in the wash! Eventually the three of us ended up catching some zzz's in our bed; a 2-hour nap felt to me the equivalent of spending the day at a spa.

When Matt came home we headed off to get Blake a new pair of shoes before a quick trip to Dulwich Park. I was reminded of a photo taken on my phone from last year when we were in the park after house-hunting - it was one year plus a week to the day, I think, that we saw this house we're now in! It still has a lot of work to be done to it, but despite all its imperfections, I love our little home.

Today the boys and I went to church, where at childrens' church the story was about the story of Noah and the ark (when asked how Noah might get all the animals away from the flood, one little boy replied, "By a helicopter" which we all agreed was a pretty clever, modern way of doing things). I then got it in my head that we needed to find a local spot to go blackberry picking. I have wonderful memories of picking berries in Wormwood Scrubs a couple of years ago with Will and Raina, when they revealed their exciting news that Scarlet was in the oven, so to speak. I thought that we might have some luck in the local Belair Park, so Blake and I headed out and left Noah and Matt at home. I tried to follow the unofficial rules of not picking ones low on the ground (which dogs might have peed on) and managed to get a few good ones, although I think peak season is about a week away:

Blake sleeping, while I pick berries and watch the local cricket match:

I think I'm going to try to make a blackberry and rhubard crumble tonight if I can find the time.

And then it was time for the main event, something that Blake had been looking forward to all week: family swimming at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. I had bought some arm bands/water wings for him on Friday and he was very excited when we finally got in the pool. Noah also had his first-ever swim, which he seemed to enjoy (if wearing a perma-grin is a sign of enjoyment...bless him, he just loved being able to do what big brother Blake was doing). For the £6.05 family entrance fee, I think we got our money's worth!

In other highlights, Noah sat on his own yesterday:
and here is the funniest attempt at a photo which will not be accompanying Noah's birth announcement:

I started writing this post this afternoon, and now it is about 10:15 pm - and I correct myself: I am exhausted!

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