Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hooray - a post!

I hope you're as excited to see a new post as I am to write it! Although the problem with infrequent posts, I find, is that they don't seem to capture any one thought or theme, since I'm just trying to get something - anything - written to put up here, to make sure you keep checking back for updates.
It has seemed like a really long week, since my birthday on Monday. On Wednesday, Matt's mum came to stay and Matt and I got to go out to dinner. We hadn't done that in so long that we were a bit rusty (not to the point of my thinking, who is this man lurking beside our table - oh, it's the waiter! but in terms of how a dinner date flows). It was also fairly amusing as we arrived at the local Italian restaurant as most people were finishing their espressos and going home. The boys seem to have pretty late bedtimes, so it was close to 8:30 or even 9:00 before we got out the door. But it was still very nice to be out and I occasionally remembered that I was eating in public and tried to be mindful of my manners.

This weekend was quiet, but today we went over to Crystal Palace park, which proved to be full of fun and interesting things to see - including a dinosaur park and a small farm. Blake had a really good time and I was really impressed with the park.

Watch out, there's a big dinosaur beside you!

An alpaca at the farm. Nice hair.
Remnants of an ice cream (vanilla, at least) but a shot I liked nonetheless...

One of the things that is starting to be so enjoyable is the way Blake and Noah interact. Blake is a funny little boy, but today he was making Noah giggle so much while Noah was seated in his new Leapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Center, which I picked up yesterday after "winning" it on eBay. Blake kept opening and shutting some little compartment while saying "Open/Shut" and this just seemed to please Noah endlessly. I can't wait to see them have more fun together over the years.

There's no easy way to do it, but I wish I could capture some of the things that Blake says that make me laugh. He has quite the imagination, and often the vocabulary to back it up, which is pretty impressive for his age. The other day we were having a "tea party" and he "took a sip" of coffee and then said, "This coffee tastes like soil." Interesting, as I'm sure that would be how many non-coffee-loving adults would describe it as well. About a week ago I was changing Noah's diaper, and Blake was helping me. He was up by Noah's face, though, and said, "It smells, Mommy". I replied to ask did he mean that it smelled of dirty nappy, and he said, "No, it smells of...Noah." I haven't commented much on how Blake was/has been since Noah's arrival but he has really, honestly, been very good with him (apart from that biting on the forehead incident reported earlier). He is usually very concerned about Noah's well-being, and it makes me smile when Noah is crying and Blake will say things like, "That's ok, Noah, Mommy's coming." Or he'll say, "Poor Noah," or "Mommy, feed him" which again, is very sweet. There is the antithesis to this kind and generous spirit which rears its ugly head in the morning, when Blake decides that despite the fact that Noah is sleeping peacefully, totally in a blissful state of contentment, he must be woken. Most days I will feel a range of emotions related to being a mother: joy, exhaustion, satisfaction, frustration, anger, pride, sympathy, but I rarely rarely feel that I am on the verge of tears. On the brink of pulling my hair out, yes (if only it could be the grey ones only), but shedding tears, for some reason, no. Apart from this moment when Blake comes in our bedroom and hops on to the bed to basically try to wake Noah in the shortest amount of time possible. That is the closest I come to tears, but it usually comes out more in a defeated sigh and acceptance that another day in paradise has begun.

As for Noah, he's doing well. He slept in his big cot last night and is doing pretty well at going good stretches in the night. To counteract this, Blake is back to waking up at or before 6:00. Oh happy days.

I managed to get some filing done tonight so a huge pile of papers won't be staring me in the face this week. Maybe I'll find some time to fit in some more posts.

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