Thursday, July 01, 2010

Zen and the art of ice cream eating

It has been really hot the past few days, and in an effort to give myself a reason to have an ice cream, I've been indulging Blake in a post-nursery treat. I figure that for me, one bit of ice cream is better than the 5-in-a-row chocolate cookie sessions I was having just before we went away, although yesterday as I bit into my frozen Bounty ice cream bar at 5:00 pm, I had a sudden realization that I had actually already had some gelato earlier in the day, at the end of lunch at Pizza Express with Diane. How quickly one forgets...

Anyway, Blake's interactions with the frozen stuff still makes me laugh - lots of dainty licks, plenty of chocolate streams running down into his hands and getting stuck under his nails, the occasionally melting of the ice cream OFF the stick and onto the ground, and of course the face covered with remnants of the flavor of the day!

Here he is with two different varieties (the picture with the cone looks a bit strange because I didn't get his whole arm in, so I realize that may seem like a magic floating hand, but his face captured the moment so I had to include it).

The fruity one was kind of new for him, and he left four little puddles on the sidewalk where we were eating these (ostensibly on our "walk" home - we were stationary for at least 10 minutes!). Either it was hotter yesterday or this type melts more quickly than actual ice cream.

Looking forward to a long, hot summer...

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