Friday, July 09, 2010

Southern hospitality

London, like a lot of cities, countries and hemispheres, has an ongoing and vigorous debate over which is better: North or South. I love this article that Lucy Morris posted on Facebook a while back; having now become a "Sarf Londoner" myself, I had to laugh at many of the things mentioned.

But for all its lack of tubes and bad reputation, we've found the people in the South to be very friendly, and Blake and Noah and I are getting quite good at what my friend Tanya and I called "mummy pulling" back in 2008. It's a bit like being out at a nightclub [nb: not been to one of those in oh, about a million years] and trying to get phone numbers to set up future dates with potential partners, although in our version it was trying to meet like-minded mothers to set up dates with potential playmates for the kids.

So far the summer weather has cooperated and given us ample time to do a lot of hanging around swingsets and cafes, and our efforts and those of others have resulted in a few sweet playdates. Last week we went to Peckham Rye Park to meet Henrik (2) and Trudy (9 weeks); Blake and Henrik set up an excellent "kitchen" in some woods and had fun gathering leaves and twigs to make a "fire" where they then "cooked" some "pasta". Can you see how my punctuation is going to work to reflect "imaginary things"? I just love their faces in these photos:

And then today we met up with Dylan, who was born the day after Noah, at the very same hospital, and his friends Lola (2) and her sister Tea (6 mos). Dylan's mum Phil happened to look in our pram 2 or so months ago and commented that Noah looked about the same size as her son - we then decided that since they were born only a day apart, that we should stay in touch! Lola and Tea's mum Sheena kindly cooked an extra portion of Lola's dinner for Blake and they had a little "al fresco" dinner date after a dip in the paddling pool. It was really cute. In a slightly hilarious but embarrassing way (for me), Blake kept saying "Shall we have our dinner?" while it was cooking. That boy! One of these we'll get to manners...
Boys in stripes - Noah and Dylan...
Lola bounded out of her chair to take a look at the photo - while Blake has reverted to his "fake smile" (although he was having genuine fun!)
The date ends with a hug, with lunch set up for next week!

Anyway, as far as I can tell, South London is where its at, but I won't tell that to anyone when we head up to Queen's Park on Monday to see old friends. That's provided, of course, that I can find an overland train to get me there...

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