Wednesday, July 14, 2010

OMG - the blogging world

The other day I was reading someone's status on Facebook and someone responded with the acronym "LMAO". I revealed a distinct lack of awareness about what this meant by having to Google it, only to discover it stands for "Laughing my A** off", kind of an adult and more extreme version of the old "LOL" for "Laugh out loud". I guess this helps avoid any confusion with LOL being mis-interpreted for "Lots of love."

Anyway, I had to run up the local organic deli this morning before going to have tea at our next door neighbour's house - I had volunteered to bring something sweet (Noah and his disposition didn't had to include chocolate), and a quick check in the cupboard revealed some raisins and a bag of oatmeal that has been sitting there for months. Off to the shop it was then...I bought a pack of biscuits and was about to head out of the shop when I heard, on the radio playing in the store, two women discussing "mummy blogs." I was intrigued, and the male shopkeeper informed me it was BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour (a radio program I had never even heard of!). I looked a bit silly just standing around trying to hear what was being said over various orders for charcuterie, olives and cheeses, and yet again, I have to marvel at technology, since I've just been able to listen to the show from the convenience of my home, over 12 hours since it was on air. I also love it that it was a guy listening to the Woman's Hour, although now I'm wondering whether they just always have Radio 4 on in a kind of, "this is a Radio-4-listening shop" attitude.

It sure was an interesting discussion, and what an eye-opener too. Now, I know having a blog is not original, but I guess I didn't realize just how un-original it is. I also know that there are improvements that I could make to my blog, but I didn't realize just how many there are of those too. In the 10-minute radio program I learned this:
- there is an entire site for British Mummy Bloggers; it's here
- there was an entire conference last week about and for blogging mothers - it looks extremely cool and I wish I had somehow been able to go!
- I have a lot to learn, but it could be fun to do this

In the past 20 seconds I have learned that Noah is awake, so I'd better go. But if you know a lot about blogging, get in touch b/c I'd love to know more!

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