Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My special day

I started writing this post a few minutes before the clock struck midnight, to try to get something online in the last few minutes of my birthday, but technology failed me and I didn't press save, so I have to start again!
Anyway, I have had a great birthday, even though in so many ways it just felt like an ordinary day (don't birthdays on a Monday always feel like that?!). That said, it made me realize how wonderful our "ordinary" is and how lucky I am to have three wonderful boys in my life and lots of friends and family around the world who care enough to send messages to wish me happy birthday! I was really struck this year by the power of the Internet and social networking sites (Facebook) - it seemed that I got birthday greetings from more people than ever, which did give me a warm fuzzy feeling all day!

Here are a few of my favorite cards.

From my Mom (SO perfect!):

From my Aunt Kathryn:

The inside reads, "Happy Birthday (We speak the same language, you know!)"

Here I am in wilder birthday party days...(Mom and Dad seem to have a lot of energy...guess I was only 1 here and not yet into the "Terrible Two's"!)

Chris took this one this weekend when they were down visiting:

So even with its being a very normal day in the life (with all the diapers, spit up, and laundry that goes along with it), it was still fun. And I guess that's the aim - to try to have fun and enjoy!

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