Monday, July 05, 2010

Miscellaneous from the weekend

My sister-in-law is always very sweet and diligent about asking us what we want for various occasions, namely birthdays and Christmas. My problem is that, when asked, I can't really think of much that I actually want for myself. There are many things, of course, that I would like, but I can never seem to remember what they are...

The top thing on my wish list right now is unfortunately something that can't be bought in a store, and that's more time. The list of things I'd like or need to do is starting to approach a mile long, both my cameras bleat at me because they're out of memory because I haven't deleted any photos since Noah's birth, and each evening I just think to myself, "If only I could just stay up and finish x" before crashing, often fully clothed, in my bed or on the futon in Blake's room after putting him to sleep.

I was proud of myself on Friday because I did something I'd never done before, which was to paint a room, specifically the little bedroom which has thus far served as a laundry-airing and junk storage room. We hope to move Noah into it eventually, so I got out the leftover light blue paint from our room in Leighton Gardens and got ready for manual labor. I'm sure I've had at least minor involvement in past painting exercises but there was a running joke in our last flat that my clothes that I'd put on for doing "DIY" or home improvement were perfectly suited to taking a nap. I have therefore watched Matt do a lot of painting, never knowing just how hard it is! Observing my husband do work on the house has taught me that any project first requires a trip to the local hardware store for some implement that is going to make the job easier. So off I went to B&Q where I asked a store assistant if they had any paint stirring sticks. He gave me an incredulous look and told me, no, but any stick would do. "Any stick?" I replied, imagining various shapes and sizes of sticks in our back garden and thinking that the walls would look like a nature trail if I used any of them. He then clarified, "Yeah, any piece of timber", before going off and finding me a plastic version which I was able to purchase for £1.28. Sorted. I could now go start my job. It probably got into the 80's on Friday, and it was hard work - clearing the room, stirring the paint, trying to keep perfectly straight lines around the ceiling and at the baseboards and door and windows, but I managed to nearly complete the job. Matt kindly finished it off for me this morning because I lost patience with trying to reach the junction of the wall and the ceiling and it was boiling hot by late afternoon and I needed to think about getting Blake from nursery. Noah was so cooperative and just watched from the hallway before getting bored with it all and falling asleep. I will post photos once I get the room looking exactly as I want it to!

Yesterday we went off to get Noah's hand and footprints done. My work got me this as a gift for Blake back in 2008 and according to Matt, we needed to equally get a set done for Noah. This is where his having a sibling and understanding where we need to be equitable will come in handy. Here he is getting his handprint done. We had to wake him him up to do it and he wasn't so impressed with having his hand pressed into that clay, hence the startled expression and mouth accessory. 12 weeks time flies.

And then it was off to Jamie and Diane's for lunch in their garden, and for Jamie to display his handy rigging up of a tv outside on which to watch numerous sporting events including the women's Wimbledon final, Argentina v. Germany in the World Cup, and Australia v. England in the cricket. Blake loved playing with all of William's cool toys and Noah liked hanging out with his same-age playmate Joseph P. Once again, pictures to follow soon.

Today we had a pretty low-key morning before going out to have a picnic with Matt's friend from school, James, and his fiance Ita, who happen to live just a few streets over. Blake made several funny remarks to me during the morning, one of which was: "You're a strange Mommy." Oh...? I was then singing something later in the morning and he said, "You can't sing, Mommy," so I asked him did he mean that I wasn't allowed to sing or that I didn't know how to sing - he replied with the latter. So much for all those amateur singing classes, then. For the past couple of weeks he has really made me laugh because sometimes when he gets told off, he walks appearing dejected and then says to himself in mock despair, "Oh, what am I going to do?" I have to laugh at it, honestly.

So as the clock strikes 1:00 am, I think I had better turn in. Another week is upon us and I have a lot to do!

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